Let’s Debunk 5 Carbohydrate Myths

Carbohydrates are the main power source for the body. It is made up of galactose, glucose,  and fructose and transported to our muscles through blood. Insulin is another enzyme which helps the glucose to enter the cells, and then cells use it as an energy resource. If your cells gets low in sugar, glucogen then starts producing glycogen which remains in the blood stream and maintains the sugar level between 60-110mg/dL

Carbohydrates can be found in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. These things are also high in fiber and thus give you a fuller stomach. Research suggests that we should avoid refined carbohydrates such as in soda, candy, and refined bread.

This article is going to tell you about various myths about carbohydrates that we generally believe.

  1. Carbs make you hyper

Too much consumption of carbohydrates is often associated with ADHD in children. The truth is, the real reason behind ADHD is unknown.

  1. Carbs make you fat

Yes, a lot of people believe that if you consume too much carbs, you will gain weight. If a child is not gaining weight, you might notice that the parents give that child a diet which is rich in carbs for example potatoes.

The truth is, being fat involves a number of other factors such as the level of activity, genetics, the whole diet. It is not just related to taking too much sugar or carbs.

If exercise and weight loss activity is part of your lifestyle, your insulin will work properly, and you will better be able to control your blood sugar levels. Balanced intake is always the key to a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Carbs are the cause of type 2 diabetes

Insulin is an enzyme which helps to use the sugar in your blood to be used effectively. With type 2 diabetes, the real challenge is to maintain the blood glucose levels by the insulin. Many people start blaming the intake of carbs for this malfunction of insulin. Although if you have diabetes, it is important to look for a balanced diet, one cannot just blame carb for that. A lot of things should be taken into account. For example, the amount of fats, in that particular diet, the amount of fiber, whether it used whole grains or not. It is important those who have diabetes should have a close look at their diet. They should consume more fruits and vegetables, rich in whole grain and fiber.

  1. Carbs make your mood swing

A lot of research studies suggest that you should limit the use of carbohydrates because the rapid breakdown of nutrients might have an effect on the blood sugar levels and which in turn might affect the moods.  Studies also suggest that it is not directly linked. Mood changes are also linked with many other factors such as sleep, stress, dehydration and skipped meals.

  1. Carbs cause hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is caused when the blood sugar levels fall below the normal value. This happens due to the lack of glucose in the body. Thus cells stop producing energy and signal hunger and rapid heartbeat. Hypoglycemia is a rare disorder. It is often diagnosed with light-headedness and fatigue. So it is important that you keep yourself hydrated, your diet balanced and well nourished.