Nutrition For Kids

Kids eat so much of junk food, and we actually forget how important is to provide them with all essential nutrients including protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and fats.If you want your kids to eat healthily; you yourself have to eat healthily. Move out all unhealthy stuff out of your home. Keep it away from children’s reach. If you plan to eat much out then select for healthier places and order healthier food. Allow them to eat what they want to once a week. Explain them the importance of healthy eating in a practical way.

  • Protein: Protein includes lean meat, eggs, beans, peas, seeds and soy products. Kids need to eat protein as it helps in growth.
  • Fruits: Motivate children to eat fruits instead of having packed juices and tins. Cut fruits in different shapes and sizes so that they might enjoy eating them.
  • Vegetables: Instead of providing only fried potato chips make them eat fresh green vegetables
  • Grains: Select whole grains, including whole-wheat bread, popcorn, quinoa, oatmeal,  wild rice. Limit grains which are refined like white bread rice and pasta
  • Dairy: Encourage your children for eating fat-free and low-fat dairy stuff, like milk, cheese, yogurt and fortified soy beverages.
  • Increase outdoor activities: Nowadays children are prone to mobiles and laptops. Motivate them to play outdoor games and sports. If not then set a jogging or running time for them as this is extremely important
  • Water intake: Develop a habit of water intake in them instead of fizzy juices and drinks


  • Added sugar things.

Try to Limit added sugars. Give natural sweeteners including honey, grapes, brown sugar and corn syrup.

  • Canned or packed stuff

Try to avoid to the maximum. Stop giving packed chips, candies, and chocolates. Stop buying juices that are in boxes. Stop giving yourself stored chicken or possessed chicken nuggets. Encourage them to drink milk in its purest form.


  • Diet foods lose weight

Foods labeled as diet are worse, stop giving these brand products to your children.

  • Juice is health

Natural or canned; don’t give juice to your kids instead of fruits. Give them fruits in fresh form. This will provide them vital nutrients along with fiber.

  • Cereals are good.

No, never they are pathetic. Give eggs, yogurt, milk, and fruits at morning.

  • Eating less will make them smart;

No, eating unhealthy will make them fat; quality matters, not quantity.


  • Stop discouraging your kid if he or she is fat they might develop depression.
  • Stop advising; start practical work.
  • It is not too late; you can start from today.
  • Do not compare your kids with others.
  • Make your children’s food plates look tastier and presentable so that they enjoy eating.
  • Ask your child what they like to eat and provide them their junk food once a week with a promise that they will eat healthy throughout the week.
  • Read good books and articles related to children nutrition and healthy eating habits.